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Problems with my contact lenses

My eyes go red when Im wearing my lenses


The most common contact lens problem is redness of the eyes. This is because of irritation caused to the eyes due to the contact lenses. This can happen when either you are not used to lenses or wear lenses for too long. If the contacts are old or have tears, that too can lead to irritation and redness of the eyes. In that case, you may need to get a fresh pair.

My eyes feel dry when I wear my lenses

Dry eyes can be experienced by some contact lens users. In that case, reducing the usage or using contacts which allow air to permeate the lens surface and reach the eye may be advisable.

My eyes feel really sensitive

An overall increase in the sensitivity of the eyes and eyelids can be observed as being a common problem.
Since contact lenses are foreign bodies they can act like other irritants and make a sensitive eye act up. As the contact lens is not a normal part of the eye the already sensitive eye has less ability to adjust to the presence of a contact lens. Patients with sensitive eyes often don't tolerate lens wear for as many hours consecutively as those with normal eyes; and people with sensitive eyes may not be able to wear their lenses every day. Depending on the reason for the sensitivity, some people with sensitive eyes may be advised to avoid wearing certain kinds of lenses. And people with sensitive eyes may be limited in their selection of contact lens care products.

My lenses keep slipping

Slippage is another problem which is frequently experienced by people. Sometimes contact lenses can slip off the centre of the eye and cause discomfort. This is usually caused by either a size problem with the lens, improperly inserting contacts or rubbing the eyelid too much.

Excessive wear can lead the lens to slide out of place or even a tear may cause the lens to slide. 

Contact lens that slip are always retrievable through patience and some diligent searching.

In all of the above cases, it is imperative that you visit our Opticians immediately.

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