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Problems with my glasses

"I cant seem to get on with my new specs"

"I think my distance vision is fine, but Ive been told that I shouldnt be driving without glasses"

Recent research has shown that 10 % of drivers would not pass their driving test if they retook it today due to deteriorated eyesight.

It is illegal to drive with eyesight that does not meet minimum requirements and those drivers should remember that they are breaking the law every time they start the engine.

"I cant see my computer screen with my reading glasses"

In most instances reading glasses are a single focus lens. The distance is determined by how close writing has to be for you to be able to see it clearly. This will often be closer than the screen on your laptop or computer, particularly as we get older. Ask about specific computer glasses or degressive lenses.

"Can I use my old frames with my new prescription"

Obviously we will advise as to the condition and strength of a frame and in most instances the answer will be yes. Unlike many opticians who will want to retain your frame for up to 2 weeks to re-lens your glasses, our up to date lab facilities allow us to scan and file the shape of your glasses, which means you can wear them until the new lens arrives and its then a simple change over process.

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