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Dry Eyes

Dry eye is a very common complaint, especially as we get older. It is characterised by sore gritty eyes and is exacerbated by central heating, air conditioning and smokey surroundings. Sometimes the eyes may appear to be wetter than normal for short times, but this is generally owing to them being too dry in general. Dry eye can affect the quality of your vision as it leads to transient blurring, generally worsening as the day goes on.


Treatment for dry eye involves improving the tear film quality; either by increasing your omega oil intake by diet or, more commonly, by adding tear substitutes in the form of eye drops or sprays.


We have a number of options available. If you require any information, come and chat to us and we will endeavour to help.

Flashing light and floaters

We see a significant number of people who come to us complaining of flashing lights and floaters. We always treat these symptoms with the utmost caution. Luckily most episodes turn out to be relatively benign, but we have diagnosed numerous retinal detatchments and bleeds from these symptoms.


It is important that we see patients as early as possible after the onset of symptoms to investigate inside of the eye thoroughly and take the appropriate course of action.


If you become aware of sudden changes to your vision, we will see you in our clinic on the same day. If this should occur outside office hours, present yourself at A&E and you will be seen by an ophthalmologist.


Remember: time is of the essence- don't delay!

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