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Lens Coatings

At Silverthornes Opticians we provide not only a quality service, but quality products and value for money as well. We understand the practicalities of "real life" and for this reason offer additional coatings for your lenses that help assist your glasses in being fit for purpose.


Hard coatings

Increase the strength of the lens.



HMAR - Hard Multi Anti-Reflective coatings

8% of light is lost through surface reflection. Spectacle lenses reflect some of the light which falls on them, resulting in a loss of brightness and a reduction in the quality of vision. The more light that travels through the lens to the retina, the sharper and clearer the image. The HMAR coating stops the light from being reflected by the lenses resulting in improved vision and reduced fatigue.

Crizal Forte

The Forte offers unrivalled anti-reflection efficiency, smudge resistance, scratch resistance, dust repellence, and unique water repellence. It is the most advanced and enduring anti-reflection coating available in Britain today and comes with a 24 month anti-scratch guarantee.



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